Katerra optimizes the way we develop, design, and construct buildings with cutting edge technology. They needed a video to introduce Apollo, their flagship application that re-imagines the entire building construction process. The Camp Computer team envisioned the software interface as an environment in and of itself and created a story that explores each section of Apollo in depth.
As the user flies through panels and menus, layers of the software unfold and collapse at the speed of thought. Every gesture and selection advances the building process, while data visualization illustrates the cost and impact of each choice on the final project. Apollo’s commitment to revolutionize the built environment sweeps across the cityscape and shines brighter than ever before.

Client: Katerra
Director: Jostin Darlington
Camp Computer
Storyboard: Greg Browe
Design: Greg Browe, Neil Hilken
2D Animation: Greg Browe, Devin Gustafson
3D Animation: Neil Hilken
Compositing: Neil Hilken
Pixel Fort
Producer: Dylan Wilbur
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